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Who runs the world- Microbes


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Yes.. You heard it right.. For people who have microbe phobia and always consider microbes as gross and dangerous.. Here is a wakeup call for you..

The microbes and microbial communities play an essential role in supplying important elements like nitrogen, carbon, sulphur and oxygen to other forms of life. Without the decomposing powers of microbes, the world would be covered with smelly, stinky, and even more gross dead bodies. Microbes harbouring in human bodies continuosly help in digestion, detoxification of harmful chemicals and boost the immune system.. Yeaaaahhhhh… Cheers to this.. πŸ™‚

The emerging science of gut bacteria is continuously exploring new and novel methods in which these tiny microbes help our bodies. These gut bacteria play a primary role in the well-being of their host. According to the scientist O’Hara and Shanahan, they can be referred as the “forgotten organ” of the body. From metabolism to immune system, they have their own distinct roles, interactions and impact.

Currently, there is a plethora of scientific studies that focus on understanding gut microbiota and its association with various diseases. According to Clemente et al, the studies around microbiota and diseases have moved away from the “one-microbe-one-disease” viewpoint. Now, it is well understood that there are myriad of bacteria and viruses in the body that affect the balance of the body. It is now understood that some of the diseases might occur due to the dysbiosis instead of a single microbe. Some of the diseases associated with dysbiosis include obesity, autoimmune and allergies, diabetes and inflammatory bowel diseases.

Probiotics have been proposed to revert the dysbiosis and further enhance the effects of gut microbiota.. Hmmmm.. So, this is were the perspective changes.

From harmful to beneficial… What a change over in the character..

Not all bugs are villains… πŸ™‚

My first post

Putting your first post out is the most difficult line to cross. From exploring to writing and finally presenting your thoughts amidst aΒ large group of people is the biggest achievement in itself. I am a post grad in Science, which makes me a person who inherently likes to experiment with things, explore and finally present the best conclusions to help the community in my own small way. I belong to a culturally rich country India and most of the stories and experiences will be connected with this place. I love it the way it is… Busy and Beautiful.. πŸ™‚

I am interested in all interesting stuff that exists in world πŸ™‚ this includes science which always excites me, DIYs, travelling and making friends.

What can you expect from me ?

I have always loved the natural world surrounding us and its huge capacity to change things. I love microbes. These tiny, invisible bugs contain huge capabilities which are often amusing and exciting.Β I would be sharing exciting news from the field of science along with other thoughts and discussions.. So, here we go….Exploration begins πŸ™‚

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